Rocket Humor

Rocket humor


I bought a new rocket with some of my tax refund. Hope to have her built and flying next month.

NASA Johnson Style

Countdown to Balls 21

Monty my rocket assistant cat approves of my latest purchase. He checks out all rocket activity happening in and around my house.

I now understand Greg’s statement about his quest to spend even more money on rocket science. I’m not quite at the same spend level, as I’ll be spectating at Balls and he’ll be debuting Frenzy Massive.

Last year’s QU8K footage inspired me to get my own GoPro camera for capturing the glory and carnage of the various launches.

What a great product endorsement for both GoPro and Flip that both these cameras delivered excellent footage under such extreme conditions. The product manager side of me is thinking, bet that was not the recommended use model.

I’ve been using the Flip for about a year and am impressed with its hardiness. Awesome lil camera. Looking forward to exploring the GoPro before trekking to Black Rock.

PSA – Don’t Do This!

My friend posted this on Facebook and I laughed hysterically. Rocketing is a fun yet serious hobby, follow the safety rules for best results!

Playing at Plaster

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Plaster, and there was lots of good flying to appreciate. This weekend welcomed two fliers to Level 3, one to Level 2, two to Level 1, and one junior NAR christened. Congratulations and git yo high power on! It was especially satisfying to see G in his highly anticipated and much deserved TAP role.

I didn’t fly, instead opted to stock up on some supplies for next month’s launch (picked up a tasty CTI K740 C Star) and visit with the fellow rocketeers. Plaster has one more official launch of the season before taking a break from the heat. Good thing the Lucerne folks will be flying through the sweaty summer months.

Mike’s complex 3,00o ft President’s Challenge attempt. No word yet if he achieved success.

My favorite rocket of the day, Virus. Fantastic sparkly paint job.

Conditions were good, with a few bursts of wind. One of which totally crashed our party by uprooting the stakes and trashing G’s new canopy. It was later in the afternoon and I was pretty sun-soaked by that point, so it was my sign to pack it in and head home. I originally had thought to hang out and see the Supermoon from the gorgeous Plaster sky. Instead enjoying from my porch.

Balls 21 – September 20th – 22nd

This will be my first adventure to Balls in Black Rock Desert. I have been to that area before for Burning Man, a whole other world.

This KQED/PBS documentary shared on YouTube got me thinking about the upcoming event.

KQED/PBS Documentary

Nice to see several women rocketeers in the documentary. Girls like Math & Science too!

Looking forward to some amazing flights go right and wrong.

What to do with the Tree after Christmas

I’ve been purposely neglecting my blog as have been pre-occupied with learning electrical engineering. This was prompted by my failure with leds for a night launch rocket. So I’ve been experimenting with some techniques shared on forums and a dummy guide to electrical engineering.

Since I have no project updates to share instead I’ll amuse with this Christmas tree adventure. These two guys are funny, “the math was nothing exciting, just a little differential calculus”.

Level 3 Happy Dance

It’s official, my level 3 card arrived in the mail yesterday! And I did a lil happy dance right there in the post office lobby. You’d thought that there was money in the envelope by the grin on my face.

My rocketing goddessness is finally realized. Of course this is a self-appointed title. However I remained convinced that if I state it often enough and with enough conviction that people will start to believe it or do so just to humor me. Take a cue from my family people. Resistance is futile.

Big thanks to my TAPS Jack and Kurt, and to Greg for the hours of mentoring. The beast in now unleashed.

Rocket Scientist by Teddybears featuring Eve

Plaster Blaster 10 Coming Nov 4th!!!!

Countdown to Plaster Blaster 10 has begun and the festivity planners from Tripoli San Diego and DART are working to produce the best event ever.

I’ve even gotten in the spirit of it all and am volunteering as the raffle director to obtain donations of products, services or cash.
If you have any goodies, let me know.
We are all looking forward to the excitement starting November 4th of getting our launch on, marveling those special projects, enjoying sparkly night launches, mingling with the rocketry community, and of course the raffle of spectacular prizes.
My intended project will be for the Saturday night launch.
Now if mine can only be so sparkly and cool as this Diab-Glo below.
This photo is from Wolf Star Design.

NASA Unveils Plans for the World’s Largest Rocket

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