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Junior Rocketeer Christina

My 8.5 year old niece Christina read my blog and immediately asked ‘how old do you have to be to fly a rocket?’. My answer was that she was just the right age. So we planned that I would order her a rocket and ship it to my mama’s address, then travel up north to SF area and supervise the assembly and decoration of her rocket, and then we would head to Lucerne Valley for LDRS. Estes Rockets had a great deal on an E2X (Easy to Assemble) kit for a Gold Strike with a bonus smaller rocket Silver Strike.

Christina is a natural at assembling rockets, however she quickly learned that there is such a thing as too much crazy glue. While the rocket dried, we headed to Michael’s to buy supplies for painting. She wanted to paint it dark blue with yellow stars. Rather than use star stickers, she insisted on using s stencil. Painting with a stencil on a cylinder shaped object creates yellow blogs not star shapes.

Picture above is Gold Strike renamed The Sparkle in the desert setting.

Pictured above is Silver Strike renamed Lil Sparkle. Chrsitina had more fun photographing the rockets and watching other people’s launch, that she showed no interest in launching hers. She said the building and decorating were the best parts. I also think she liked ditching her family for a week and hanging out with the best aunt ever. Okay that was my add, whatever.

Self portraits in the desert. I like the Thelma & Louise one.



Thanks Lil Bro

I covet G’s rocket holder (pictured below) and decided to borrow the design. The major dilemma is that I do not own a saw. I bought some $1.00 scrap pieces of wood from Home Depot and hatched a plan to have my lil bro cut it for me.

After LDRS, I headed up north to bring my niece Christina home and to visit with my family. All the siblings with their children would be there for the weekend. So I loaded my $2.00 worth of wood to make the trip.

My lil bro Kirk agreed to cut it for me and took the wood home. The next day I went over to his house for a BBQ. He informed me that my wood sucked and presented me with these beautiful rocket stands from his wood inventory. How lucky am I to have such a kind and talented brother. 


It holds all sizes of my rockets great! This is Sparkle Motion waiting for me to finish the UV Smooth Prime so I can finally decorate.

Oh Sweet Cheshire

My trusty sidekick Monty was helping me with the painting of Cheshire.

Even though I am a dedicated fan of Tim Burton’s, the classic Cheshire cat look won out. Mainly because I just love the bright pink.

The creative vision was the pink and purple stripes. After some testing, it turns out purple over pink covered better. So I painted a pink layer, let it dry well, and then taped sections for the purple layer.

Overall was pleased with the finished look. Did learn that I need to smooth the tape down tighter to avoid the smudgy stripes.

Can’t wait to see how he looks on the launch pad.