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Lucky Post 43 or Seeking Sander for Hire

My apologies to my fellow rocketeers for mentioning how much sanding sucks and inadvertently causing your sanding facial tics to act up. Seriously sanding is one of the most tedious parts of rocketing, but driving 2 hours to the closest launch site comes in a close second.

Ok enuff whining and on to my level 3 report. The good news is that I finished my first pass at documentation (am yet to incorporate the much appreciated feedback. Thanks G.) and that I am further along in the build that my lagging posts would suggest.

An inventory of the Wildman Rocketry xTreme Darkstar kit contents was in order, so I could determine what else I needed and a quick check to make sure nothing was missing. Made my beg, borrow or steal list for supplies. Most rocket gear has to be ordered online or purchased at a launch as local hobby stores do not carry much. Other items I end up going to random places that I normally would not frequent like Home Depot/Lowe’s, boating shop, Michael’s, Napa Auto Parts. Luckily I have not yet had to quest for syringes and FFFF black powder yet. Thanks again G.

My super curious cat Monty always likes to come check out my rocket activities. He was eyeing the strap for the recovery system, so I had to boot him outside before it went missing. I build in a very small area of my shack, so it is hard not be in the way. I’ve considered going dexter and hanging plastic sheeting to create a clean, no mess left behind zone. Keeps rocket parts in and cats out, and I can leave the set-up for periods of time.

For giggles, I did a test fit of the main parts. Since I live in a hobbit house, the 96″ height of the rocket was taller than my ceiling.

Am still pondering the name and color of this beast. Please send suggestions.


Fully Committed – Level 3 and/or Straight Jacket

Yes, fully committed to my level 3 project and maybe to a straight jacket too. I’ve purchased Wildman’s Darkstar 4 Extreme as the vehicle. There are many choices including the option to scratch build. Many of the existing level 3 kits are kinda big and bulky. I wanted sumthang sexier.

So when I came home and spied the package on the porch I did a lil happy dance. Monty was guarding it and was quite happy for me to arrive and relieve him from his self-appointed duty.

Instead of jumping into putting it together, I had to restrain myself and get organized to make sure I was methodical to meet all of my certification requirements. So I’ve begun the documentation. Soon to post some progress.