Homework for Level 3

Last launch I was able to get feedback from Kurt and Jack on my rocket construction and electronics design. Fortunately only a few items to be addressed and some recommendations for future designs. Part of good design is to try to anticipate anything that could go wrong.

On the electronics board, is a switch to control the on/off for the ARTS2 altimeter. I had set mine up like a light switch. Click it up to turn on. However there is a lot of force when a rocket launches and there is a chance that the switch could get pushed down. The fix is to rotate the switch 90 degrees so it is horizontal. I could also change it so up is off and down is on.

The second correction needed is to secure the altimeter bay to the payload bay with a screw. Right now that part is held in place with three plastic rivets and I have a safety net of a shock cord tethering the piece to the nose cone. So that way if rivets give way, will not lose those parts.

This week, I will implement those two modifications and get my level 3 flight plan submitted to my advisors. December 11th in Lucerne is the target date for the level 3 flight.


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