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Waterproof Rocket Storage

I live in a small Craftsman bungalow with no garage, so the accumulation of rockets, gear and tools has started to threaten precious closet space.  On sale at Home Depot was this all-weather, waterproof Rubbermaid deck box. Easy to assemble.

I test the waterproof part with hose and was satisfied with the result. A week after moving a bunch of stuff into the box, it poured for several days straight. During a brief break in the rain, I squished out to check. And it was all still dry. Yay.

Now I love rain but would not be happy if it soaked my rocket stuff. Enjoy the rainy tune, I’m off to splash in some puddles with my bright green flowered boots.


Forget Reindeer, Santa is Rocket Powered

Yes it’s true, Santa is not subject to the Tripoli or NAR high power rocketry safety code about no rockets with vertebrate passengers. Santa and his reindeer are rocket powered.

Dear Santa:

Thank you for the Flip Video last year. I love it and use it often.

Please give someone else the pony who will  love and appreciate it, and send the rocket gear my way. A Kindle, iPad and/or MacBook are always appreciated. As a fellow rocketeer, I know you understand the need for new tools (like a Dremel), rocket casing and motors. My level 3 certification is coming up in January, and as you are no doubt aware those monster motors are pricey. If you are feeling generous, I would love an open tab with What’s Up Hobbies, Giant Leap Rocketry, MadCow Rocketry and Wildman Rocketry.

I’ll watch for you on NORAD, and if you have time please post to the rocketry forum what equipment you are using this year to deliver the goodies.

IMHO, the nice zeroed out the naughty this year,


Level 3 Documentation

Okay this is it. All fingers and toes are crossed for good luck! Flight is targeted for January 8th at Lucerne.

Level 3 Documentation

Thanks G for always reading my blovel. I appreciate the detailed feedback.

Test Flight Documentation

“You can only grow if you’re willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” – Brian Tracy

This documentation for the level 3 flight feels like the equivalent of a term paper. What  the heck was I thinking. In preparation of the real event, I conducted a test flight using my level 3 rocket with a level 2 motor. The rocket did great both attempts, the human improved after the first.

Pre-Level 3 Documentation