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Rocket Decoration Idea

G mentioned this to me and it made me giggle. Not sure how to implement yet. Below is a clue.


Never Stop Learning

March launch at Plaster was sunny with some wind. With the fin fixed, Sparkle Motion was ready to fly on a CTI K160. In January the launch lugs and the cracked fin, kept me from flying. I struggled with the launch lugs and it turned out to be an issue with a dirty rail. (photos courtesy of G’s new camera)

The take-off was nice, however the 6 second delay was too short. An early ejection caused a zipper in the cone, also shredded off the tracker transmitter and tore up the parachute. The rocket launched quite well as the parachute acted as a streamer and slowed it down. Luckily clear line of sight of where the rocket landed. To my good fortune, one of the boy scouts found the transmitter. It had been ripped free of the shock cord, which tore the cover off and lost the battery.

Mark C told me that the transmitter manufacturer could repair. I did buy another transmitter for my L3 flight next weekend. Speaking of L3 flights, was happy to watch Mike C’s successful flight on an Extreme Darkstar. He was too funny, later that day he stopped by G & my set-up areas to thank us for making our mistakes and learnings visible as that helped him in his pursuit. So glad someone could benefit from my misadventures. Although I do have to say that I learn the most from correcting my mistakes.

At home I (and Monty) assessed the Sparkle Motion’s damage. Looks like I’ll need to use some fiberglass material and an epoxy concoction to patch.

Lessons learned:

A clean launch rail is key. keep baby wipes and spare igniters on-hand.

Transmitters can be repaired. It is a good practice to tape the battery in place, tape the cover shut, and finally tape securely to shock cord well above parachute.

6 second delay on motor is not long enough.