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PSA – Don’t Do This!

My friend posted this on Facebook and I laughed hysterically. Rocketing is a fun yet serious hobby, follow the safety rules for best results!


Playing at Plaster

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Plaster, and there was lots of good flying to appreciate. This weekend welcomed two fliers to Level 3, one to Level 2, two to Level 1, and one junior NAR christened. Congratulations and git yo high power on! It was especially satisfying to see G in his highly anticipated and much deserved TAP role.

I didn’t fly, instead opted to stock up on some supplies for next month’s launch (picked up a tasty CTI K740 C Star) and visit with the fellow rocketeers. Plaster has one more official launch of the season before taking a break from the heat. Good thing the Lucerne folks will be flying through the sweaty summer months.

Mike’s complex 3,00o ft President’s Challenge attempt. No word yet if he achieved success.

My favorite rocket of the day, Virus. Fantastic sparkly paint job.

Conditions were good, with a few bursts of wind. One of which totally crashed our party by uprooting the stakes and trashing G’s new canopy. It was later in the afternoon and I was pretty sun-soaked by that point, so it was my sign to pack it in and head home. I originally had thought to hang out and see the Supermoon from the gorgeous Plaster sky. Instead enjoying from my porch.