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Countdown to Balls 21

Monty my rocket assistant cat approves of my latest purchase. He checks out all rocket activity happening in and around my house.

I now understand Greg’s statement about his quest to spend even more money on rocket science. I’m not quite at the same spend level, as I’ll be spectating at Balls and he’ll be debuting Frenzy Massive.

Last year’s QU8K footage inspired me to get my own GoPro camera for capturing the glory and carnage of the various launches.

What a great product endorsement for both GoPro and Flip that both these cameras delivered excellent footage under such extreme conditions. The product manager side of me is thinking, bet that was not the recommended use model.

I’ve been using the Flip for about a year and am impressed with its hardiness. Awesome lil camera. Looking forward to exploring the GoPro before trekking to Black Rock.