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PSA – Don’t Do This!

My friend posted this on Facebook and I laughed hysterically. Rocketing is a fun yet serious hobby, follow the safety rules for best results!


Playing at Plaster

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Plaster, and there was lots of good flying to appreciate. This weekend welcomed two fliers to Level 3, one to Level 2, two to Level 1, and one junior NAR christened. Congratulations and git yo high power on! It was especially satisfying to see G in his highly anticipated and much deserved TAP role.

I didn’t fly, instead opted to stock up on some supplies for next month’s launch (picked up a tasty CTI K740 C Star) and visit with the fellow rocketeers. Plaster has one more official launch of the season before taking a break from the heat. Good thing the Lucerne folks will be flying through the sweaty summer months.

Mike’s complex 3,00o ft President’s Challenge attempt. No word yet if he achieved success.

My favorite rocket of the day, Virus. Fantastic sparkly paint job.

Conditions were good, with a few bursts of wind. One of which totally crashed our party by uprooting the stakes and trashing G’s new canopy. It was later in the afternoon and I was pretty sun-soaked by that point, so it was my sign to pack it in and head home. I originally had thought to hang out and see the Supermoon from the gorgeous Plaster sky. Instead enjoying from my porch.

NASA Unveils Plans for the World’s Largest Rocket

Whining Bout Wind

For the past handful of launches, my level 3 flight plans have been grounded due to windy conditions.

Last month, I trekked to Plaster City with my young friend Jadan. He is an aspiring rocketeer as he received two rockets for Christmas.

Alas the wind was just crazy. So we ended up staying about an hour. Instead we decided to take the scenic route back to San Diego. This included a detour in Jacumba to check out In Ko Pah Desert Tower. More details

Great view from the tower and very windy.

The fun part though was climbing the big rocks and exploring the nooks n crannies.

Despite the wind, the disappointment of not flying was dulled as we embarked on a spontaneous adventure.

Rocketry Community Has Twisted Panties Over Verizon Commercial

Okay, true dat. A rocket should never be flown horizontally. But its a commercial, and it highly unlikely to have a public impression on High Power Rocketry. Other than Marketing geeks like me, who really watches commercials?

Rocket Decoration Idea

G mentioned this to me and it made me giggle. Not sure how to implement yet. Below is a clue.

Happy Valentine’s

Monkey Envy

My friend Jon sent me this link of the Southern Colorado rocketry activities.

I must say that I have monkey envy and just may have to recreate with monkeys, and on-board camera. Of course one of the monkeys will be named George.

Flight of the New Year

The new year started with perfect flight conditions of clear skies and no wind.

One of the few times that I’ve actually worn a light jacket all day, as the desert was quite chilly.

Despite the recent rains, the ground was not muddy. The other launch site in Lucerne Valley is very muddy and partially flooded.

The sunset was pretty. Just love those soft orange sherbet colors.

Quite contented with the day, although I only flew one rocket.

Waterproof Rocket Storage

I live in a small Craftsman bungalow with no garage, so the accumulation of rockets, gear and tools has started to threaten precious closet space.  On sale at Home Depot was this all-weather, waterproof Rubbermaid deck box. Easy to assemble.

I test the waterproof part with hose and was satisfied with the result. A week after moving a bunch of stuff into the box, it poured for several days straight. During a brief break in the rain, I squished out to check. And it was all still dry. Yay.

Now I love rain but would not be happy if it soaked my rocket stuff. Enjoy the rainy tune, I’m off to splash in some puddles with my bright green flowered boots.

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