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Christmas Tree Fun

Happy New Year everyone!

Now I’ve never flown a tree but it does look like a gleeful pursuit.

I love the 2014 video better than this year’s so posting that instead


Congratulations – TAP Frank Hermes

Such great news for the San Diego Tripoli Club to have Frank Hermes as our TAP (Technical Advisory Panel).

When I was pursuing my level 3, I had to travel to Rocketry Organization of California’s launch in Lucerne to meet with my TAPs Jack and Kurt. The San Diego Club was seriously lacking TAPs. Luckily for me, my friend Hawtakshun Greg Smith was applying for his TAPness and was appointed June 2011. So I benefited tremendously from his guidance and I probably tested his resolve to be a TAP.

Frank has been an inspiring part of our rocketry community, and I’m so delighted that he decided to make his mentorship official. He has been a tremendous resource and has the most amazing rocketry projects and technological pursuits.

I would love to eventually be a TAP, however I have lots of learning ahead of me. Especially need to get some flying under my belt as it has been a long dry spell. It would be great to represent the small community of female rocketeers.

YAY – AB 467 Model Rocket Law Passed!

Thanks to the leadership of Assembly Woman Ling Ling Chang and the support of the rocketry community, California will have equal model rocketry rights with the majority of the country starting January 1st, 2016.
This legislation will modernize California’s model rocket laws, ensuring this hobby remains a positive platform for STEM education. This bill is important for the thousands of children and hobbyist across California who use model rockets as recreational and educational tools. The bill will officially become law January 1, 2016 and provides for a process to work through the State Fire Marshall’s office should regulations need to be updated in the future.

Below is a copy of the bill.


Rocket Humor

Rocket humor


I bought a new rocket with some of my tax refund. Hope to have her built and flying next month.

NASA Johnson Style

What to do with the Tree after Christmas

I’ve been purposely neglecting my blog as have been pre-occupied with learning electrical engineering. This was prompted by my failure with leds for a night launch rocket. So I’ve been experimenting with some techniques shared on forums and a dummy guide to electrical engineering.

Since I have no project updates to share instead I’ll amuse with this Christmas tree adventure. These two guys are funny, “the math was nothing exciting, just a little differential calculus”.

Plaster Blaster 10 Coming Nov 4th!!!!

Countdown to Plaster Blaster 10 has begun and the festivity planners from Tripoli San Diego and DART are working to produce the best event ever.

I’ve even gotten in the spirit of it all and am volunteering as the raffle director to obtain donations of products, services or cash.
If you have any goodies, let me know.
We are all looking forward to the excitement starting November 4th of getting our launch on, marveling those special projects, enjoying sparkly night launches, mingling with the rocketry community, and of course the raffle of spectacular prizes.
My intended project will be for the Saturday night launch.
Now if mine can only be so sparkly and cool as this Diab-Glo below.
This photo is from Wolf Star Design.

Fully Committed – Level 3 and/or Straight Jacket

Yes, fully committed to my level 3 project and maybe to a straight jacket too. I’ve purchased Wildman’s Darkstar 4 Extreme as the vehicle. There are many choices including the option to scratch build. Many of the existing level 3 kits are kinda big and bulky. I wanted sumthang sexier.

So when I came home and spied the package on the porch I did a lil happy dance. Monty was guarding it and was quite happy for me to arrive and relieve him from his self-appointed duty.

Instead of jumping into putting it together, I had to restrain myself and get organized to make sure I was methodical to meet all of my certification requirements. So I’ve begun the documentation. Soon to post some progress.